Thursday, August 22, 2013

France 2013

This year, France was:

The two bigger ones staying up as late as the grown-ups
Theo swimming as well as his big sister,  diving down to the bottom of the deep end and leaping around like a fish
Sleeping in the den with the cousins, even Theo this time
Noah loving the pool and swimming in his armbands
Freyja's fairy hunting - still believing!
Theo's all over tan - brown as a berry
One big storm, power cut and everyone staying up until midnight as the thunder and lightning crashed
Lying on the sun loungers and watching the perseid meteor shower
Noah & Harry - littlest and biggest cousins, bestest buddies
Big family lunches
Dinner altogether (minus the smallest one)
Duck, melon, cheese, bread & rose wine
Ice creams every afternoon
Swimming and sunning in perfect summer weather


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