Friday, March 15, 2013

Top Teeth

Freyja has the most perfect milk teeth.  Small, neat, straight and square.  I have hated the thought of them falling out and being replaced by adult teeth, which will be nowhere near as lovely.

She has already lost 4 at the bottom, but you can't really see those.

Now, she has lost her first one from the top. 

Ug.  Though at least she is no longer poking it out at me, making me feel queasy and her look like some kind of mini Nanny McPhee...


Blogger Rowan said...

I really hated Jacob losing his milk teeth, they were lovely. His new front teeth looked absolutely enormous and gappy at first, but now the teeth either side have come in, they've pushed the gap smaller and made them look less big. But still.

Sam had the weirdest, smallest teeth ever. We used to call him snaggletooth. His new teeth are a bit bigger, but not massively so - and amazingly gappy. But it seems to suit him :))

But then again, didn't you find it weird when your kids first got teeth as babies? That lovely gummy smile disappears forever (or, at least until they're 80 ;))

6:30 am  
Blogger Heather said...

Oh, I am dreading my daughter's coming out too. She too has the most beautiful straight teeth. She's four now but got her teeth quite late so hopefully that means she won't lose any for a while yet.

12:51 pm  
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