Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Look what I found in the hallway

Taking advantage of Freyja and Theo's absence, I set about clearing their rooms, armed with a rubbish bag and a charity shop bag.  Yes, I am that mother.  I should not be -I have vivid memories of coming home from university to find that my mum had chucked out all the magazine adverts I had lovingly torn out and collected over the years (yes, I really did this...).  But, Freyja's room in particular is a mountain of bits and stuff and things and needed clearing out.

I am careful not to get rid of special items.  Really, I am.  It is mostly old party bag toys and scraps of paper and things that they have grown out of that just gets horded.

I was busy doing this when I realised that all had gone quiet on the landing, where Noah had been quietly amusing himself:


Blogger Jenni Clutten said...

What a cutie!

6:21 pm  

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