Saturday, February 02, 2013

Crazy Baby

Noah is driving me nuts.

Partly I think this is because it's been a while since I've been in this stage of toddler-hood, and partly because he really actually is a total monkey and far, far worse at the 'into everything' stage than either his brother or sister were.

He cannot be left for a second.  Everything goes down the toilet, or gets chucked into the bath.  He can now reach the handles, so closing doors no longer deters him from his favourite room in the house - the bathroom.  I've pulled whole loo rolls out from the toilet, bits of make-up, the TV remote control, various toys.  We regularly fall out over his obsession with the toilet brush. He slams open the under sink cupboard and forages for his two favourite items - a red bottle of L'oreal serum (as an aside, it doesn't seem to work) and a bottle of facial oil. Everything gets flung into the bath - with a great clatter if it's empty and a splash when it's full.

In the kitchen he rummages in the cupboards - and is hugely frustrated that we have put a lock on the under sink one. He'll be entertained for hours (ok, minutes...) on end by a few saucepans and a wooden spoon, but he also likes to get out the scales, the graters and egg poachers, the bottles of spirits and cordial (which he swigs with a flourish, despite the lids being tightly screwed on). He pushes buttons on the oven, repeatedly setting off the timer. He pulls cutlery out from the dishwasher, whether dirty or clean, and throws anything he finds, including my lovely green Converse trainers, into the bin. 

Of course I am stubbornly determined that he must learn to stop doing these things.  So instead of making life easier, by putting locks everywhere and keeping things out of his reach, I just move him away and sternly say 'no'.

Over and over and over again...


Blogger Rowan said...

I think door locks might be easier ;) iirc, Jacob and Sam were terrors with CDs and DVDs - they managed to wreck Doug's music collection (in the days before MP3s put a stop to all that) and Sam was an absolute bugger for drawing on walls and furniture. In fact, occasionally, he still does it....

10:40 am  
Blogger Jenni Clutten said...

No wonder he's asleep in the picture he must be exhausted after all his 'work'. I can just tell this will be me soon, Im already fishing out toilet rolls. Grrrrr!

10:25 pm  

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