Monday, January 28, 2013

Noah's Understanding

An amazing milestone with your children is when you realise that your baby understands what you are saying.

Noah only has a few of his own words - Mama, Dadda, Light, Thank you - but he understands most of what is said to him these days.

If he sits in his cot at bed time, I pat the mattress and say lie down.  Now, when I say lie down, he pats the mattress himself and lies down.  I show him elephants in his book and he turns and points to the elephants on his mobile above his cot or I say 'where are the balloons' and he points to them on the page.  I say 'go and find Freyja' and he walks off into her room.'Put your arms up' when he dress him, and he obliges.

He struggles with 'no' though. He hasn't quite grasped that I mean it when it when I say it...


Blogger Alex Andronov said...

Nina very firmly has "No" but only seemingly when she says it! :)

2:23 pm  

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