Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

So I didn't quite make it to see the new year in, but I did host a new year party.  How very sociable, and a lovely end to 2012.  Lots of my SE23 buddies and their children (16 kids - 19 including mine.  Quite a few of us have 3...)

It was utter mayhem when I tried to feed the kids at 5pm, but mostly I managed to block out the bangs and screams from upstairs and just got stuck into the prosecco.

It ended at 10pm, 3 hours later than planned, and only then because the smallest guests needed their beds.

I feel very, very lucky to have such a good bunch of friends all within 10 minutes or so of where we live.

Happy New Year!


Blogger PinkCatJo said...

Happy New Year!
You must share your secret of having friends in London that live nearby. We are the only ones left in London as everyone else has moved out so they can buy bigger houses. All we have left are work colleagues and it's not quite the same! ;0( x

6:22 pm  
Blogger solveig said...

Having a baby - that's my all secret is, I'm afraid! I met all these lovely people when I had my first child and lots more lovely people when she started school.

Happy New Year - all the best for 2013!

6:31 pm  
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