Sunday, January 27, 2013

Freyja's Fairy Party

The 7 years old's birthday party was today.  Fairy theme - still can't believe we made it to 7 before she wanted this, given her utter obsession with them.

I know plenty of parents dislike doing parties and prefer to outsource.  Both my big ones have been invited to so many Gambados parties in the last 6 months that you would think the novelty would wear off for them, but not so far.  They love it (and so do I when I'm just dropping off.) But when hosting, I personally prefer to have a smaller one, in my own home. My children may or may not agree with me...both are very keen to have their turn on the bloody Gambados throne. Ug.

But I have held off for another year.  This year we had 6 girls coming over, and I opted for some crafty decorating of fairy wings and wands, followed by the usual party games and lunch. In line with previous years, I left it too late with my on-line shopping.  Monday will no doubt see a tonne of self-adhesive crystals and sequins arrive on my doorstep.  We had to make do with glue and glitter.  Not to be recommended. We will be sweeping up glitter for years to come.

Lunch was picnic style, sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls and 'fairy champagne' (sparkling apple juice). And I did cut the sandwiches into heart and butterfly shapes (same as I did hearts and flowers last year and same as I will do for Theo in April).  It did take me about 10 minutes longer to do than normal sandwiches.  And all I got for that was a delighted 7 year old...

I didn't get round to doing the cake pops, which I was a bit boo about as they would have been lovely. In fact, I have yet to bake any kind of cake for any of my kids' birthdays, but they have been happy with my go-to option of cupcakes on a cake stand, decorated with appropriate toppers.


Blogger PinkCatJo said...

It looks lovely - I'm all for homemade parties. Do you think almost 31 year olds are allowed to have fairy parties? x

10:20 pm  
Blogger Rowan said...

what is Gambados?

7:15 pm  
Blogger solveig said...

@Rowan - soft play. Kids are mad on it, of course, and think the parties there are fab.

7:36 pm  
Blogger solveig said...

And if you are the birthday girl/boy you get to sit at the head of the table on a great, big, cushioned throne during the meal.

7:38 pm  
Blogger Rowan said...

ahh, right. sounds like my idea of organising a kids party - I gladly fork out the cash in order not to have to do anything other than turn up and not have a pack of wild boys trash my house ;))

7:29 am  
Blogger solveig said...

You are not alone in thinking like that. Me, I am a glutton for punishment when it comes to kids parties...still hoovering up glittering here...!

8:01 pm  
Blogger Rowan said...

Look on the bright side - it won't be long before yours want to do something other than parties. Cinema and a pizza - v grown up thing for a young lady and her friends to do :)

8:14 pm  
Blogger solveig said...

Don't forget about slumber parties...!

7:46 pm  

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