Thursday, December 06, 2012

Covent Garden Day Out and Best Sandwich Ever

Every now and again we manage to pull off a perfect family day out.

We had one when we went to the Paralympics wheelchair basketball, during which the children behaved, Noah had enough sleep and we all ended up having a delicious lunch where I was in such a content mood I agreed to drink wine with my meal, something I never usually do until the kids are out of my sight in their beds (although I then do it very well).

We had another on Sunday.  We took the kids in to see Covent Garden, all decorated for Christmas.  This involved me and Adrian going 'oh, look at the beautiful lights and the massive baubles' and the kids going 'Can we go in to the Disney Store?'  But we all enjoyed it in our own way.

We took the children to Sugar Sin, a fantastic sweet shop on Long Acre, where we filled bags with sweets that I would later try to stop the children scoffing.

And then Adrian took us to Miskins where I ate a Reuben on Rye which I have not stopped thinking about since.  Seriously.  It was delicious and is actually the only reason I have written this post.

We are planning a revisit, sans children, to stuff our faces and drink gin cocktails. 


Blogger Elsie Button said...

Sounds lovely! Gin cocktails without kids sounds even better tho!!

9:35 am  
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